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Today, I am featuring a group called :iconapocontest:. This group takes up the mantle that f--l--A--r--k had with his ApoChallenges that a number of us took part in. FractalDesire runs the ApoContest group, he has stated that "it isn't intended to be a mere copy for I have in mind to give it a slight different direction. For example I intend to enforce the use of xaos in much more contests."

Se head on over to :iconapocontest: and take part in either voting or submit your own Apophysis fractal to the contest!


Fractal-Resources Mission Statement

Fractal-Resources is a place for all fractalist to find resources for every fractal generating program. We do not use the submission system for resources on DA, instead we collect and organize these resources in our favorites gallery then we provide regular updates on our journal for the newest resources. Everyone is invited to browse our Collections and find the resources they need to help them create fractal art.  Fractal-Resources also publishes links to resources off of the DA website.  Our goal is to be the one stop place to find what you need.  Membership is open to anyone and we welcome both new and experienced fractal artists to join.

If you would like us to submit your resources for you, just note us.

To join Fractal-Resources simply add us to your watch list and click the Join Our Group icon on the front page. You may add a message for your membership, if you wish to.

Original Creator: :iconlonesomefaery:
Current Admin: :icondeadened-glow:
Co-Admin: :iconsatania:
Affiliates: :iconabstract-and-fractal: :iconapophysis: :iconapophysis-plugins: :iconcritiquecommunity: :iconeverythingfractal: :iconfractalcircles: :iconfractal-explorer: :iconfractalfaces: :iconfractal-flowers: :iconfractal-forms: :iconfractalisation: :iconfractallists: :iconfractallovers: :iconfractalmentorproject: :iconfractalvisions: :iconfragmentarium: :icongeometry-art: :icongroupofawesomness: :iconimanipulatefractals: :iconincendiaryart: :iconmandelbulb3d: :iconmandelbulbs: :iconmanipartist: :iconrainbowcolorparadise: :iconroundrobin-central: :iconscriptphysis: :iconstockandresources: :iconteslaphysics: :iconthinkcolor: :iconultra-fractal-redux: :iconuf-artists: :iconxtremefractals:  

Contributors: :iconaerphis: :iconakurapare: :iconba8y6irl: :iconbluesman219: :iconbpclarke: :iconbrightworld: :iconcraig-larsen: :icondark-beam: :icondeirdrereynolds: :iconepogh: :iconfaircoco: :iconfractaleyes: :iconfractek: :iconindramjha: :iconionicchange: :iconjager-fiend: :iconjuggalo5: :iconkaraohki: :iconkazytc: :iconladylyonnesse: :iconmack3r3l: :iconmastersdiamond: :iconmellowfractalist: :iconmoofied1: :iconnightmares06: :iconpapabearkc: :iconphysivic: :iconrockgem: :iconshylershy: :iconsunny-77: :icontanjagrimstvedt: :icontobaal: :icontripmaterial: :iconyuki-no-hime: :iconzephyrtronium:

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April 15, 2013


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