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First I would like to say that we are grateful to

:iconc-91: for her wonderful

efforts to keep the fractal community

together and learning...

We will miss you :rose:

For those who have not heard yet...

our new CV will be the talented and eager to teach


Intergalactic Sludge by ChaosFissure Sunstrike by ChaosFissure Runaway Desert by ChaosFissure

If you don't watch him yet...please consider doing so.

I believe he will contribute very much to our community during his CV year.

That's it for now




For the months of July into early September, DailyFractalFeatures and DOUBLE-DUCKS are running a Flowers Challenge. It is known that many of you enjoy making this type of fractal and hope that lots of you will take the time to make something pretty. Flowers can be generated in most if not all fractal software.  For instance Ultra Fractal, Apophysis, Mandlebulb 3D, Incendia, Chaotica, and Frax plus even other fractal-generating programs.  

Contest Conditions
1. Please enter over at DailyFractalFeatures via the Flower Festival folder. You do not have to be a member anyone is allowed.
2. No Fractal Manips.
3. Light Maps for UF are allowed.
4. For further questions, direct them to this blog: Flower Festival 2015Hi all  Flower 
For the months of July into early September we are running a Flowers Challenge. We know that many of you enjoy making this type of fractal and hope that lots of you will take the time to make something pretty. Flowers can be generated in most if not all fractal software.  For instance Ultra Fractal, Apophysis and Mandelbuld 3D maybe Incendia and Chaotica, Frax even.  I don't have user knowledge of a lot of fractal software so will be guided by you, but please.... no manipulations.  Show off you skills with Raw Fractals.  I guess an exception would be Light Maps used for colour and with DIFS.
UF users might want to explore the flower shapes in RKB.ulb, though I know there are lots of other ways to make flowers. and if any one knows a good tut for Apo flowers then do leave us a comment and I'll add it to the detailsFlower Bullet (DarkTurq) - F2U! 

1. Two to three Entrants per person

2. Admins can enter but not win.

3. Please paste a working link in your details, stating clearly that this is an entry for the "Flower Festival 2015" at :icondailyfractalfeatures: or :icondouble-ducks: as your entrants sometimes end up in the wrong folder and we have a hard time deciding if they are meant for the challenge or not.

4. We would rather admin and affiliates didn't use any of the works in features for their other groups as this may be construed as bias or favoritism.

5. Closing date September 4th 2015 (flexible)

5. Judging will be "In House" and all Admin at both groups will be involved in this:
:icondevnews: - Art Features.


Off-Site Resources

Apophysis 7X + resources
The Apophyis 7X program by Xyrus-02. Here you can find the program and almost all of the resources for the program. Updated as of October 2014

Ultra Fractal - A fractal rendering program. There are many tutorials available on the site and on DA. Updated 2014.

Polyfractalisation - Inside the Mind of an Apophysisist. Great Tips and tutorials by IDeviant

Agony - A fractal Program by kelbv Updated 27 February 2011

Flam4 - A fractal flame renderer. Version 0.87 as of 18 August 2010

Incendia - by Aexion, A 3D Multiprocessor Fractal Engine
There is also a Chat room for information here…
There is also an Incendia Material Tutorial page here…
Recent version is Incendia EX V!, as of 2014

Apophysis 2.09 JK
By Jed Kelsey Lu-Kout. Updated 1 November 2009

All Apophysis files

Apophysis Z+ - last updated 3 July 2007

Apophysis Plugins Project
The latest official release of the plugin pack from the Apophysis Plugins Project. Updated 11 August 2008

Free and easy to use Apophysis Launcher for Mac. Updated January 9, 2009.

Claire Jones' Apophysis Resource Center
A large resource center operated by ClaireJones.

Amazing Seattle Fractals!
Contains various content, including introductory tutorials (using Tierazon), and a tutorial for XenoDream.

The KnotPlot Site - mathematical Fractal knots, program last updated 11 Jan 2014

Apophysis Wiki

Electric Sheep - For those who make Apophysis flames for Electric Sheep

A fractal rendering program by Vitor Bosshard, the site includes the stable version and the beta versions. Verison 1.4 as of 14 May 2011

Colour Lovers - Great place for finding gradients.

Ultra Fractal Courses by Janet Parke

Mystic Fractal
Mystic Fractal features powerful yet easy to use fractal generators with all the options you need to create intriguing high-resolution images, artwork and 3D models.
Site updated as of 6 August 2014. For information on which OS can be used click the the 'Programs' link on the site.

Fractal Explorer
An application that represents a fractal generator that will produce mysterious and beautiful mathematically-based images. Version: FE 0.9 Beta for Windows 7.

Apophysis Glossary - A glossary of terms found within Apophysis
Updated 26 October 2011

Fractal Science Kit is a Windows program to generate a mathematical object called a fractal. Has a free 30-day free trial, otherwise it's $29.95 for the program. Updated 17 March 2014. Version 1.23

Fractalia: An online fractal generator by Ladi. You can choose between Mandelbrot and Julia.

The Fractal Microscope: An online fractal generator. The site has a nifty 'how-to' for the generator.

The Julia Sets is an online julia generator. The page shows you how to use the generator.

Mandelbrot Explorer is an easy online Mandelbrot fractal generator that zooms into the fractal.

Julia and Mandelbrot Set Explorer is another Mandelbrot and Julia fractal generator, it hasn't been updated in long time.

TaraRoys' Basic Apophysis Tutorials

Qosmic - A cosmic recursive fractal flame editor. Great for those who work with Electric Sheep! Updated October 2011

Visual Arts Academy - hosts Apophysis classes. This costs $25 per course and begins the first of every other month, runs two months (Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr,May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct). The Nov/Dec course is $40. For more information ask Platinus.

Oxidizer - a free open source fractal flame editor for the Apple Macintosh, running OSX 10.4 or greater. Verison 0.8.1 as of 3 July 2011

JWildfire - An java-based imaging program by Andrea Maschke. Go the website for current updates.

Fractal Flame Editor T.I.N.A - T.I.N.A. is a fractal flame generator inspired by flam3 and Apophysis directly integrated into JWildfire. To download, just download JWildfire...the link is on the right-hand side of the JWildfire page.

Chaotica Fractals - "Chaotica is a next-generation fractal art application, designed for both novices and professional artists." It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Fragmentarium - an open source, cross-platform IDE for exploring pixel based graphics on the GPU. Windows Vista/7 Update as of 14 Sept 2014. Where to find Fragmentarium scripts:…

Fractal Forums - A forum where you can learn and talk about fractals.

My - New project from Xyrus-02. "It works like PasteBin - paste an Apophysis-fractal into the box and you will have a short link to the fractal in the top right corner to give your friends so they can grab the flame you shared." More information can be found:…. Updated as of 11 February 2012.

Mandelbulb3D - updated 4 March 2014

yFract - a software for creating puristic fractal art. Version 1.1.5 as of 5 Jul 2012

Saturn & Titan - Fractal-rendering software by Mark Eggleston. Versions: 4.1.1 for Linux & 4.1.1 for Windows 7.

Mandelbulber - 3D Fractal Explorer software. Version 2.04 for Mac OS and Windows. Updated as 9 May 2015.

Fractal Architect 2 & Fractal Serendipity - Fractal editor for Mac OS

:iconelement90:'s Saturn & Titan fractal program (Version 1.1)

Context Free Art
- Context Free is a program that generates images from written instructions called a grammar. The program follows the instructions in a few seconds to create images that can contain millions of shapes.

Kalles Fraktaler 2-"a Windows program for fast, deep zooming into the Mandelbrot set and its higher-power cousins and the Burning Ship?"

fractal eXtreme-  a 64-bit capable multi-processor enabled fractal exploration program by Cygnus Software. There is a free 15-day trial, cost is $9.95 with free upgrades, though donations are nice. Version is 2.23 as of June 2013.

Neon Flames  a tool to draw your own nebula! There are a lot of hidden fractals in this online tool.

Frax Pro a fractal app purchase for iPhone and iPad only.

Mandel Machine, a Mandelbrot set explorer developed by Botond Kósa.

Fractorium, a Qt-based fractal flame editor.

Fractal Imaginator, an innovative new program for generating fractal images. Based on Fractal Zplot, parts of this program have been in continuous development since 1989. Costs $40.00. The main site for this page also directs you to other fractal programs.

:new:Jux for Windows by Xenodream. Jux is a fractal explorer for 2D Julia and Mandelbrot sets. It includes a variety of formulas. It has beautiful coloring and lighting effects. It is easy to use. There is no formula editor or scripting. There is a free version available, the full version is $24USD.:new:

*note: If you see any broken links or know of any off-site programs/resources that are not listed, leave a comment.*
Reminder to the new members about what fractal resources are and what will not be allowed in the group.

(repost and edited on March 17, 2015)

:bulletwhite: Using Resources :bulletwhite:

NEWS: Using Fractal Resources…
We are looking for someone to author similar articles for UF, Incendia, FE, and others!  Note us if you can help!

Using Resources Tutorial by :iconfractal-resources:
Using Resources Tutorial by Fractal-Resources

:bulletblue: Using Resources :bulletblue:

All the resources available on Fractal-Resources (and on DA) have been provided by people who have generously shared their skills, knowledge and time helping us all make better Art. In order to encourage these individuals to continue to provide these valuable tools, there are several guidelines that should be followed.

:bulletblue: Be sure and read any rules for use. Give proper credit to the author/s in your comments. [remember some resources are Licenced by law].

:bulletblue: It is important to remember that Scripts, Flames and Tutorials are meant to be a starting point. Use the resources in the spirit they were made, DO NOT simply recolor or make small changes to the work and claim it as your own.

:bulletblue: Scripts, Parameter packs, Single Parameters and Tutorials are meant to help you learn how to use the tools of the programs, not as a means to make unaltered fractal art.

:bulletblue: FLAMEPACKS are a group of flame parameters to be used as starting points in Fractal Programs, not the renders/images themselves and should be in this Gallery> Resources & Stock Images > Fractal Resources > Flamepacks

:bulletblue: If it is not clearly labeled "STOCK" it is not for use in your art.

:bulletblue: STOCK packs are packaged images that you can use in your Art and should be in Resources & Stock Images > Stock Images > Fractals.

:bulletblue: If you download or use resources, a :+fav: and comments are appreciated.

:bulletblue: For more information on DA Rules for use see> FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?

Following these simple guidelines will encourage more people to create resources for us all.

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