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Reminder to the new members about what fractal resources are and what will not be allowed in the group.

(repost and edited from March 24, 2010)

:bulletwhite: Using Resources :bulletwhite:

NEWS: Using Fractal Resources…
We are looking for someone to author similar articles for UF, Incendia, FE, and others!  Note us if you can help!

Using Resources Tutorial by :iconfractal-resources:
Using Resources Tutorial by Fractal-Resources

:bulletblue: Using Resources :bulletblue:

All the resources available on Fractal-Resources (and on DA) have been provided by people who have generously shared their skills, knowledge and time helping us all make better Art. In order to encourage these individuals to continue to provide these valuable tools, there are several guidelines that should be followed.

:bulletblue: Be sure and read any rules for use. Give proper credit to the author/s in your comments. [remember some resources are Licenced by law].

:bulletblue: It is important to remember that Scripts, Flames and Tutorials are meant to be a starting point. Use the resources in the spirit they were made, DO NOT simply recolor or make small changes to the work and claim it as your own.

:bulletblue: Scripts, Flamepacks, and Tutorials are meant to help you learn how to use the tools of the programs, not as a means to make unaltered fractal art.

:bulletblue: FLAMEPACKS are a group of flame parameters to be used as starting points in Fractal Programs, not the renders/images themselves and should be in this Gallery> Resources & Stock Images > Fractal Resources > Flamepacks

:bulletblue: If it is not clearly labeled "STOCK" it is not for use in your art.

:bulletblue: STOCK packs are packaged images that you can use in your Art and should be in Resources & Stock Images > Stock Images > Fractals.

:bulletblue: If you download or use resources, a :+fav: and comments are appreciated.

:bulletblue: For more information on DA Rules for use see> FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?

Following these simple guidelines will encourage more people to create resources for us all.
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Thank you a lot for your request  ;)
deadened-glow 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! :)
The links to Xyrus's Apo downloads are broken. Is this a permanent thing?  I'm having troubles with Apophysis and am trying to reinstall them. 
Thank you vey much for accepting me in this nice group :bow:

has incendia gone from the horizon?  I can find more mandelbulb parameter files than I can ever use, but virtually nothing for incendia.  It's particularly frustrating because I find it much easier to play and change in incendia and prefer the results.  There are three or four parameters available on dA, and two flame packs, both of which need someone's permission to d/l and that someone doesn't respond. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?  There's nothing on fractal forums or anywhere else.  Please?  Thanks.


deadened-glow Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have not seen much done with Incendia in a long time.
Though I do know that the program is still update as shown on

Maybe you could make incendia parament packs too. I can tell you do want to play around with other's parameter packs, but if more cannot be found in dA's main fractal resources>parameter packs then they cannot be found on dA and you may have to do a google search.

Thanks for your response; I've visited the links and found some material I can use, though I'm having so much trouble with incendia right now I may just let it sit.  Can't understand why everything looks right until I save the .png and then it comes out white.  Argh.

Still, I appreciate your answer and i'll certainly keep checking in; maybe i'll find the right tute.


BladesEternal Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

A question I do have!

When I render something in Apophysis, I use the 1000 quality setting (it takes about 30 minutes) and it turns out looking crisp and smooth and all means of sexy, as expected. After some minor post-processing in GIMP with 300 ppi, at 100% quality and as a JPG, and a final upload to Deviantart, all the crispness goes away and I'm left with an unclear fractal mess. I've uploaded other digital drawings to Deviantart as TIFs, yet those versions end up less crisp than their JPG counterparts even though they're not supposed to lose any information. So. Is there something that I'm overlooking that would cause my fractals to become ugly on Deviantart?



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